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Antique Rakhi

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Antique Rakhi Online

Antique finish Rakhi makes them desirable due to their beauty, fine quality, rarity, and subtle look. The oxidized antique appearance created in the Rakhi looks brilliant by the sheer allure and matte finish work. These Rakhis are liked by millennials since they can be worn over a while. The antique finish work is combined with adornments to produce Antique finish pearls Rakhi, Antique finish stones Rakhi, Antique finish Rudraksha Rakhi, Antique finish beads Rakhi, and so on.

In times of pandemic and when traditions become hard to follow, our antique finish rakhis and many more are available online. We deliver them anywhere across the world. We offer a huge variety of rakhis, and you can order these rakhis online and receive them at your doorstep – order for your brother a beautiful, unique Antique rakhi online right away from NRI Rakhi.

Shop for Antique Rakhi online with NRI Rakhi

An occasion for more than just emotions, Raksha Bandhan is a festival, a culture, and a tradition. In its literal sense, it refers to a bond of caring and protection. Brothers and sisters create a lifetime of love, protection, and affection between themselves. To symbolise her love and to seek protection, the sister ties a sacred strand around her brother’s wrist. Our childhoods are filled with fond memories of waking up early, wearing our favourite clothes, and rushing to our brother or sister on this special day. 

Online shopping is an option during pandemics and when traditions are hard to follow. You will find antique finish rakhis, unique rakhis, and many more. Our products are delivered anywhere in the world. So get a unique and beautiful rakhi online from NRI Rakhi and save yourself from the hustles of shopping and social isolation.

What We Offer in Antique Rakhis

Choosing the perfect Rakhi for your brother can sometimes be a challenge. What if it was a reflection of your brother’s personality? Our rakhis are available in a wide range of styles, and you can order these rakhis online and receive them at your doorstep. Especially beautiful designer rakhis are curated for high art values. Our intrinsic understanding of antique means we automatically consider it to be a valuable piece. Therefore, at NRI Rakhi, we offer a wide range of beautiful and unique pieces for those people who are dear to us and you send rakhi worldwide 

The designs we have for you include not only unique designer Rakhi but also leather rakhis, Ganesha rakhis, and Rudraksh rakhis. Every rakhi is unique, and each one features exquisite craftsmanship and designs. Our Rakhi sets provide a link between these beautiful designs, ensuring the culture and tradition aren’t compromised. In Hindu mythology, they hold great importance and are therefore an integral part of any Indian festival. Thus, your brother is guaranteed to receive all of the blessings and protection of God, ensuring that he is blessed.

Obviously, a sister wants to give her brother everything that he deserves, including her to be the best sister. So these rakhis sparkle in no time with their beautiful beads, making them a delight to wear. In making our Rakhi, we make sure that they are so beautiful and stylish that they adorn your brother’s wrist, and the best part is that they are just a click away.

Worldwide Delivery Of Antique Rakhis

Among the countries we serve are UK, USA, Australia, and many others. We are here to assist you if you are doing a long-distance relationship with your brothers and want to make their day special by sending designer antique rakhi’s to them online, unique rakhi gifts for them. NRI Rakhi ensures that you and your sibling keep in touch without barriers. Childhood does not last forever. We realize that. In some cases, one or both of you may have to be distant from the other. Innocence endures forever, regardless of distance. We design and make the most unique and intricate rakhi ideas and deliver them right to your doorstep and to your siblings’ doorstep. Certainly, we can deliver as well! NRI Rakhi honours the sensitivity of your relationship with your brother, regardless of your geographical distance. If you are ordering Nationally or Internationally, NRI Rakhi will make sure that it is shipped safely, hygienically, and quickly.

Let’s say, for instance, your brother lives in the United States or UAE, and you want to send him a rakhi. Using NRI Rakhi products, you can give him a rakhi and other gifts at his doorstep. Surprise him by sending his rakhi to USA’ or UAE.

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