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Buy Lumba Rakhi Online for Bhabhi, Fancy Lumba Rakhi

A full moon day in the month of Shravana is the most auspicious time of the year for the celebrated festival of rakhi, which is celebrated by brothers and sisters alike. During this festival in India, brothers and sisters celebrate the wish eternal bond they share with much fervour. Nevertheless, these rituals vary from one region to another. As an example, Marwaris perform an uncommon rakhi ritual in which their sister ties a fancy Lumba rakhi on the bangle of their brother’s wife or sister-in-law. 

As this tradition holds a special spiritual significance, other communities are catching up to this Marwari custom as well. NRI Rakhi offers culturally inspired Rakhi and Lumba sets at affordable rates. With NRI Rakhi, you can easily buy Lumba rakhi online from your home and make your Raksha Bandhan a memorable one. First, visit our website and choose your favourite rakhi, then fill out the order form. This is how you order bhabhi rakhi online. After you order a Yambo rakhi set with us and it gets confirmed with us, our delivery team will ensure that your gifts will arrive at your doorstep just within four hours after it is placed.

A major Indian festival celebrated by both Indians in India as well as Indians abroad is Rakhi Purnima, also called Rakhi Bandhan. On August 22nd, along with Independence Day, Rakshak Bandhan 2022 will be celebrated. Though this holiday is Hindu, it isn’t limited to any one faith, tradition, or culture. This festival is celebrated according to the wishes of different groups in society. There is a beautiful message to protect women inculcated in this festival. In every country around the world, Rakhi is a festival dear to the hearts of brothers and sisters. Whether her brother is far away, and sister will make sure to send him a beautiful Rakhi to give him the gift of her affection. Further, his wife is as important as his brother. To show their love and respect for Bhabhi and Bhaiya, the sisters delight in presenting beautiful Lumba rakhi to them.

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, the Lumba Rakhi holds special significance

Women rakhi Lumba is considered a significant part of the Marwari Raksha Bandhan tradition of maintaining close relationships with loved ones.

  • Tieing a Lumba rakhi on the hand of the sister-in-law is supposed to strengthen family bonds. Therefore, when you tie a Lumba rakhi to your sister, you are strengthening the bond between your brother and yourself as well as your entire family.
  • The other significance of bangle Lumba Rakhi is that your sister-in-law will be your brother’s Ardhangini when your brother gets married, which means she will reflect half of his body. Your brother’s wife must therefore be present at every religious ritual.
  • You are wishing your in-laws a blessed and secure married life when you tie a Lumba rakhi to their bangles. Moreover, in adding a Lumba rakhi to the bhabhi, you are also extending the same hand of family acceptance to your sister-in-law.

To ensure a happy and long marriage, make sure to order a Lumba for your bhaiya-bhabhi on Raksha Bandhan send rakhi worldwide through our online portal

A Rakhi Lumba is being offered online to commemorate the celebration

Traditionally, a Lumba Rakhi will be decorated with mirrors and sequins. Among our Rakhi collection at NRI Rakhi are Lumba Rakhi and Bhabhi Ki Rakhi. Lumba represents the special connection you share with your brother’s wife, and you pray for a long and happy marriage for her while you tie it on her bangles. What if you sent her a beautiful card to express your love for her? Online, we provide a wide variety of designs and styles. Today, rakhi is sent to both Bhaiya bhabhi and her husband to express their undifferentiated love. If you order both your brother and sister-in-law Rakhi with our free home delivery service, we’ll make sure they reach you on time. Lumba Rakhi is the largest collection of Lumba Rakhi online in India to choose from, offered by NRI Rakhi, the leading online gift store in India. Our ordering process is so simple. It only takes a few minutes to select your favourite rakhi and fill out the necessary information. Rakhis will be delivered without any delay and in time. By sending rakhi gifts directly to Allahabad or any other city where your loved one lives away from you, you are helping to lift the strain of being distanced from your loved one. Rakhi online from NRI Rakhi comes with free shipping, which is the best option in the city. So remember to give us a click if you are searching for gifts this Rakshabandhan! It is assured that you will receive the gift with great care, and if you choose instant delivery, it will be delivered with utmost priority. Now, what are you waiting for place your order now and send rakhi to USA now!

From NRI Rakhi, Lumba Rakhi Online for Bhabhi

It is interesting how the celebration now allows gifting to sisters-in-law and shows how much importance is placed on sending Rakhis to bhabhi, adding to the sweetness of the relationship. It must have taken you a while to find the perfect Rakhi for your Bhabhi. It has been a while since you have lived alone and added another member to your family, your bhabhi or sister-in-law. With her arrival, she brought happiness to the family. It is also very special for her to have you by her side. Now that you know how to buy rakhi online, you can give your brother-in-law a surprise. Rakhis, for your spirited bhabhi, are oh-so whimsical and fun on this blissful occasion. Find the perfect rakhis for your bhabhi by browsing through a wide variety of rakhis at NRI Rakhi. Get your bhaiya-bhabhi rakhi a stunning Lumba Rakhi from our online collection. With so many styles and designs available, you will be overwhelmed. Since she has a larger part in your brother’s relation, joys, and sorrows, she has a greater share in your brother’s joys, as well. Send the thread along with rakhi gifts for sister-in-law so she too will have a memorable Rakhi experience.

Your brother will likely prefer a different Rakhi, depending on his preferences. Rakhis are available in a variety of styles. We have a large collection. NRI Rakhi the brand also carries gift hampers and other products aside from Rakhi threads. NRI Rakhi’s online store offers rakhis in various types and styles, such as Kundan Rakhis, Lumba Rakhis, Bracelet Rakhis, Kids Rakhis, Premium Rakhis, and Stone Rakhis.. As well as Rakhi combos, we offer a selection for children, families, and friendly relationships. In addition to Rakhi sets and combos for family and friends, our website also sells Rakhi sets for puja rakhi thalis, Furthermore, we allow our customers to send a Roli chawal (rice and vermilion chawal) to their brothers online.

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