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Buy Rakhi Set Online: Rakhi Collection [Free Shipping]

Festivals are a time when people come together for the ultimate celebration of the essence of togetherness, as Family holds the utmost importance in their lives. Rakhsha Bandhan is right around the corner. Rakhi and Bhabhis are indeed joyful gifts, and picking the best Rakhi for each is the best part. Does it really make sense to go from place to place in search of your cherished family’s Rakhis? That’s certainly not the case because we’re here to save you from the local market hassle. 

The Rakhi sets online are lovely and you can choose one for your family. It is a one-stop solution for all Rakhi shopping needs as it has the best Rakhi collection and the widest variety. Depending on the age and number of members in your brother’s family, you can find Rakhis with different designs. Rakhi for brothers and family can easily be bought and sent online with a few clicks. There is a wide variety of products available for your family to shop for Rakhi every year, including trending Indian Rakhis and traditional Indian Rakhis. The celebration of the festival can also be celebrated without any effort by sending rakhi sets online from anywhere in the world. Rakhi can be chosen in sets of 4, 5 Rakhis, or in sets of 3, 4, and 5.

All Your Rakhi Sets Needs, Right here at NRI Rakhi

We have just the right Rakhi for you. Don’t hesitate to place your order for Rakhi for bhaiya and bhabhi at NRI Rakhi today. With so many Rakhi sets to choose from and free shipping, order now! NRI Rakhi’s online rakhi sets are crafted to take into account the sacredness of the festival in their arrangement. As part of NRI Rakhi, we ensure that the culture of the occasion remains intact.

You will be able to celebrate Rakhi on the same day, as we provide Same Day Delivery. Get instant delivery anywhere your brother lives. Having brothers living across the city from you makes it especially difficult to make a perfect pair of Rakhis for them, so make sure you send a gift set with free delivery so they will never forget how much you love them despite the distance. Our superlative and amazing rakhi sets let you shop for rakhi for your family in one place, and you don’t have to go from shop to shop.

Get your beloved brother the best 3 Rakhi Sets online

Your brothers will receive the auspicious and precious Rakhis from you whether you are at home or not this Raksha Bandhan. NRI Rakhi has taken the hassle out of finding different Rakhis since they are doing it for you. Your Brother deserves the best Rakhis, and here is your chance to treat him to a set of them. For the auspicious occasion, this unique set of Rakhis has been intricately designed and handcrafted. Among the many options are designer, divine, traditional, as well as colours that are lively and lively.


Depending on your choice, you can choose between a set of 2 Rakhis, a set of 3 Rakhis, or a set of 4 Rakhis. Rakhi sets can be delivered free from wherever you are in the world, so you can send your family rakhi set from India without having to leave your house. Incorporating all the latest and traditional Rakhi Collection, NRI Rakhi can deliver sets of Rakhis depending on the number of Rakhis you want for your brother. 

Providing delivery services to more than 180 cities, NRI Rakhi assures you that your rakhi will arrive on time. You can take pleasure in sending Rakhi to Pune for any event, and we will deliver your token of love right on time. Don’t wait another minute. Order your favourite Rakhi Set now and send it to your brothers. Making us your messenger of emotions will make this Rakhi a special one for your beloved brothers.

What Makes NRI Rakhi the Best Rakhi Sets In India?

We value the emotional side of relationships at NRI Rakhi, and this is reflected in our team’s values. We offer a platform that helps people celebrate Raksha Bandhan easily as Raksha Bandhan is an occasion for a memorable celebration. We at NRI Rakhi partner with rural rakhi makers to come up with a collection of rakhis embodying the essence of the real Indian culture and traditions. 

This is the best way to find the best rakhi sets in India. As many options of rakhi are available online as you can discover at NRI Rakhi, there is no other online shop in India that can provide you with such a wide variety of choices. You won’t find these designs anywhere else since most of them are exclusively sold through our gifting portal. Furthermore, the materials used to make the rakhis made with NRI Rakhi are safe for your skin so you can purchase rakhi online only from NRI Rakhi. Check out the best rakhi sets and select your favourite!

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