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Send Online Rakhi To Dubai, Rakhi To UAE Free Shipping
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Send Online Rakhi to Dubai, Rakhi to UAE Free Shipping

On this occasion of Raksha Bandhan, let us reduce the distance between you and your siblings. This special occasion of celebrating the bond between siblings can be celebrated by sending Rakhi to UAE through the most reliable gifting website, NRI Rakhi. Feel free to express all your feelings to them without hassle. A festival like this is celebrated all over the country. Brother-sister love is celebrated during this festival. Rakhis are tied on the wrist of brothers by their sisters in a gesture of good health, success, and happiness. In return, sisters are promised that their brothers will take care of them throughout their lives. 

Therefore, make this sacred festival an unforgettable experience that you will remember throughout the year. NRI Rakhi’s super amazing Rakhi range celebrates the magical bond between sisters and brothers. It is indeed NRI Rakhi, one of the highest-rated online gifting sites in India that has been serving its customers unfailingly for years. At NRI Rakhi, we want to ensure that you cherish this festival for a lifetime by offering you unique Rakhi gatherings. Your brothers who live far away from you can receive your blessings and best wishes when you send them through us.

NRI Rakhi makes it possible to send creative Rakhi to UAE online without any hassle if your brother lives in UAE and celebrating this festival jointly is quite challenging. There are the best fancy Rakhis that are sure to warm your heart and make you want to buy a bunch for each of your loved ones on our website to surprise them with a lovely surprise. Therefore, you can bring a smile to your brother’s face who is sitting on such a long-distance by sending them a Rakhi via NRI Rakhi.

From India, Rakhi can be delivered to UAE

You can cherish the memories of Raksha Bandhan for a lifetime by making this day unforgettable for your siblings. Correct? We cater to your desires by offering a wide variety of designer Rakhis, including Silver, Diamond, Pearl, Peacock, Stone, Zardozi, Kundan, Divine, Ornamental, Swastik, and many more. 

Discover the beautiful Rakhi collection for Kids to make them feel extremely happy. You can choose from cartoon Rakhis such as Doremon Rakhi, Spiderman Rakhi, Chhota Bhim Rakhi, Batman Rakhi, Mouse Rakhi, Pokemon Rakhi, Captain America Rakhi, Panda Rakhi, etc. 

You cannot forget to surprise your lovely sister-in-law when choosing gorgeous Rakhis for couple. As a result of this saturation, our website is also crowded with fancy Lumba Rakhis to wow your sister-in-law. Let us deliver Rakhi to UAE for everyone, so place your order with us. Our team is ready to assist you in making everyone’s face light up with true happiness.

We also offer a variety of amazing Rakhi gifts to enhance the beauty of your Rakhi. Yes, you can reach your brother in the UAE by sending Rakhi gifts to sister online from here. A variety of gifts, including sweets, chocolates, flowers, and plants, can enhance the charm of the Rakhi selection. Raksha Bandhan becomes an unforgettable experience with such sweet surprises. 

As a result, choosing gifts to show your brother your love will be a much more impressive gesture. There are many choices to choose from, including Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury dairy milk silk, homemade chocolate box, Motichoor laddu, Besan Barfi, Gulab Jamun, Ragulla, etc. 

In addition to Rakhi online UAE, a token of good health can be sent along with it. The plant collection includes lucky Bamboo plants, jade plants, money plants, tulsi plants, and bonsai plants, among others. NRI Rakhi is the best place to buy online Rakhi in UAE and order attractive Rakhi gifts as well.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Sending Rakhi to UAE: Everything You Need to Know

Be it any festival, the joy of celebrating it with great enthusiasm never fades away. It is this time that you miss your whole family to stick together, you wanted to joy, have fun and create memories with them. As time passes everyone has become career oriented or some of them have shifted from a particular place for specific reasons, how would you connect with them? Of course through digital means of communication, it has overcome this barrier and made our life very easy.

Similarly, during festivals you desperately want them to come over, however, at such times you do feel the need for their presence but don’t you worry! We have made arrangements for people who are unable to reach that specific location. Everyone likes to celebrate festivals and one such festive season nears in the month of August 2023. Can you guess it? Obviously, Raksha Bandhan! 

A tradition that recalls the true honour in relationships among siblings. A brother promises to protect her sister in return for rakhi which is tied on the wrist of brother. Rakhi signifies the promise, love, affection and care that each has in their heart. We know that you truly feel bad about not being able to reach them but at the end of the day, we really hope to cope with this problem and make your day memorable. So be ready to know for sending rakhi to Dubai.

  • Process for Sending Rakhi to Dubai

You must be wondering, is it that easy to send rakhi to Dubai online? Well, it is all under your fingertips. All you need to do is follow simple instructions to get your rakhi delivered to your home wherever it may be in the world. 

  1. Select which rakhi you want to choose from the website i.e
  2. Once you get the rakhi selected, make sure you choose the shipping country. Here you are sending rakhi to Dubai so make sure you choose UAE as the shipping country.
  3. Once that is done, the product will be added to the cart. View the cart where you can check which rakhi you have selected. Then proceed to checkout. 
  4. Next, you will be asked to fill in the billing details. If you are a regular customer you must have the login id through which you can simply log in or just fill out the form as directed. 
  5. When the information is submitted by you it will ask for completing the payment. See that if you have a coupon code you can add it to lessen the cost of the product you are about to purchase. Finally, by using your debit or credit card make sure you clear the amount.
  6. Boom! Your order is successfully placed within no minutes. 

You see how simple the process is. By following these simple steps it will be easy for sending rakhi to Dubai, isn’t it?

  • Why Online Rakhi Shopping is the Best Option for Sending Rakhi to UAE? gives a free shipping option for each of their customers to make their festival more jolly and bright, adding colors to their life. It is very common that nowadays people have become smart and therefore they search for websites that give them free shipping options to buy products. This has enabled us to meet our customer demands with ease and make their expenditure less.

With the availability of free shipping on online rakhi gift delivery, we intend to make your day more cheerful. Offline means you would have to invest your time and energy a lot and during the festive season it’s very hard to do shopping as each and every corner of the street is packed up. People rush to buy their needs and eventually they land up buying with so much hustle and sometimes have to adjust because of less variety or rakhis too. Then the problem comes with how to send it to the UAE. You would have to visit your post office for a courier and all that trouble just for sending rakhi to Dubai. But here online it’s your choice, as per your timing and convenience. In addition to that, your order gets delivered easily with just one click. No suffering at all!  So I hope you agree that online rakhi shopping is the best option for sending rakhi to the UAE. 

  • Personalized Rakhi Gifts to Send to UAE: Ideas to Make Your Rakhi Celebrations Extra Special :

Surprise your siblings by sending rakhi to Dubai. Through personalized rakhi gifts, your sibling will definitely be excited and overwhelmed.

In the trend of personalized gifts, we have also made such gifts to bring joy to the family. We don’t want you to feel left out just because you are far away from your loved ones, so even we thought to induce personalized gifts in our category. Sending rakhi to Dubai has become that easy. 

From a range of varieties of personalized rakhi gifts pick the best rakhi for your siblings. We have a basket of delight with rakhi, blue topaz semi-stone precious stone rakhi, premium meena rakhi with pooja thali and dry fruits, etc. As everyone knows it’s a festival for both siblings to enjoy with the family. So to make your brother feel more special and give him a touch of excitement. You can gift him our personalized gift hamper like for my brother rakhi gift hamper which is made for him. Other than that, we also have orange lumba rakhi, ek omkar rakhi, a set of golden work rakhi, and many more.  

  • How to Choose the Perfect Rakhi to Send to Your Brother in UAE?

Send rakhi UAE from India through our Nrirakhi website. You can contact us via WhatsApp or even book through our official website where you can buy designer rakhis with ease.  In order to choose the perfect rakhi to send to your brother in UAE it is better to use the safe and secure way.

Firstly make sure that the website that you choose for sending rakhi online is authentic. Then as you are siblings it is obvious you must be familiar with your brother’s like and based on the choices of him/her make the right decision for selecting rakhi. We have a plethora of rakhi designs available in our domain. Choose from the collection of Exclusive rakhi, Auspicious rakhi, Rakhi sets and Rakhi Hamper. Thus, you will be able to send Rakhi to UAE online via Nrirakhi with absolutely no shipping charges. 

From NRI Rakhi, you can order Rakhi Gifts for UAE

Your heart fills with joy whenever the word Raksha Bandhan enters your mind, so you cannot help but choose the best Rakhi and Rakhi gifts for your brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. Correct? However, you will feel lucky when you have the opportunity to send Rakhi to the USA, Rakhi to UAE or Rakhi to India or any other country with free shipping. It’s true, isn’t it? Well, we can help you communicate your emotions effectively with your loved ones without adding a lot of financial burdens. Our free shipping service provides you with a mind-blowing convenience. Therefore, you can opt for online Rakhi delivery from India to UAE on budget and share the love for brothers and sisters with your loved ones during the Rakhi celebrations.

You can surprise everyone at this sacred festival by purchasing our amazing Rakhi collection at an affordable rate. Even though they are so far away from you, we can surely make even a small effort to gather you all together and tie a thread of love and affection between you. So, without delaying anything, visit us once and send Rakhi to Bhaiya Bhabhi in UAE immediately. Upon receiving your order, we promise to have it delivered to their doorstep in a timely manner. We would be pleased to serve you when you visit us to celebrate your sibling’s relationship from a distance.


  • Which site is best for sending rakhi?

For sending rakhi, Nrirakhi is the best choice. With this site, sending rakhi to Dubai and many other countries becomes easy.

  • How can I send Rakhi to the UAE from India?

From innumerable websites available in just one click, choose the best site which is Nrirakhi. It is a website used for sending rakhi online across different countries. Select rakhi, choose the shipping address as UAE and add it to the cart. Then proceed to check by filling in all the billing information and finally through payment via debit or credit card place your order successfully. 

  • How long does it take to deliver Rakhi to the UAE?

Within 2-3 days rakhi could be delivered online to the UAE when ordered with Nrirakhi.

  • Can I send Rakhi gifts along with Rakhi to the UAE?

Of course, you can add extra gifts like Jewelry, Dry Fruits, Chocolate Combos, Women Accessories, Self-care hampers and many more personalized gifts. 

  • What are the payment options for sending Rakhi to the UAE?

The payment option for sending rakhi to UAE is either from a debit card or a credit card. 

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