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Rakhi For Brothers: How To Choose The Perfect Rakhi For Your Sibling | NRI Rakhi
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Rakhi for Brothers: How to Choose the Perfect Rakhi for Your Sibling

Riya spectates her friends as they search through a pile of Rakhis at a local vendor shop, looking for the right fit for their respective brothers, while her friends engage in the said quest, she takes a walk down memory lane to where she is a part of the search, how when the sun would beam over the city on the day of Raksha Bandhan, shed dress her best and prepare the puja thali with her mom as she rehearses the right steps to perform the ceremony at its best potential. Her brother who had a room right across the hallway would prepare a quaint but special gift for her, and no matter how small, that gift would always mean the world to her. However things are different now, time zones apart and her brother is not right across the hall from her anymore, Raksha Bandhan has been monotonous ever since her brother packed his bags and set sail to the USA.

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious tradition held sacred to many Indians across the world, some practising the ritual for its religious significance while others indulge in the festivity for the prominence of its meaning. It’s beautiful how a delicate thread, wrapped around the wrist of a brother by a sister through blood or name ties them in a bond where he vows to protect and she promises to take care of him.

Although, we at NRI Rakhi Believe that distance is a minuscule hurdle that can be solved! A multitude of Rakhi vendors collaborate in providing you with the experience of Raksha Bandhan Even if your Sibling is miles away. With our wide range of Rakhis, you can select and choose the one that fits your brothers.

What can you choose from?

Premium Rakhis

– Have a brother who likes the look of amethyst or pearls? Check out our premium Rakhi collection where you can find some stunning semi-precious picks for your brother!

Kids Rakhis

– Have a baby brother back home, who happens to be a big justice league fan? Check out our kids’ Rakhi collection which has a wide range of options from, batman and Superman to some quirky quotes that your little bro is sure to enjoy!

Designer Rakhi

– – Got a brother who tends to have an eye for fashion and the right colourway? Check out our designer Rakhis that are crafted for the fashionist. Our collection offers you a wide range from quirky to minimalistic.

Om Rakhi

– Om is a symbol that resonates with peace and tranquillity, our wide range of om Rakhis makes a perfect gift for a spiritual brother. Bracelet Rakhi- want something sturdy that your brother could sport as a cool piece of jewellery? Try out our Rakhi Bracelets and find the right fit for your brother!

Aery of options to choose from including the ones mentioned above, we can vouch for you to find your siblings right pick here!

Why us?

Apart from the wide range of rakhis that we have for you to choose from, there are a few other essentials that we take into consideration which sets us apart from the rest!

  • If you happened to make a last-minute booking and are afraid that you will miss the auspicious day? You have nothing to worry about as we deliver Pan India and to selected countries within 3- 5 working days.
  • With the use of NRI Rakhi, you skip paying an unnecessary amount for shipment as delivery within India and to the United States of America is free of any additional shipping fee
  • We strive to maintain the beauty of the tradition by providing complimentary Roli and Chawal for the holy tilak
  • And on request, we can also bundle in any other add-ons that would put a smile on your brother’s face, such as Chocolates, personalized gifts etc.
  • Have more than one sibling who you ’d like to send a Rakhi? – check out our rakhi sets, which allow you to send sets of 2- 5 rakhis to your siblings.
  • Want to show your gratitude and appreciation for your sister? Check out our wide range of rakhi gifts that would put a smile on your sister’s face!

This Raksha Bandhan, allow us to be a part of making your day, full of joy love and laughter with NRI Rakhi, find your brother’s perfect rakhi and gifts that would put a smile on his face as distance should never dull the prominence of festival.

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