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Two Auspicious Rakhis

Rakshabandhan for Millenial

For centuries Rakshabandhan has brought Hindu sisters and brothers spread across all the continents, together. It is that time of the year when this unique tradition brings an equally unique hunt for that perfect Rakhi. Be it a sister living in India or in USA or any other nation this hunt is quite unavoidable.

Traditionally Rakhi meant a simple mauli thread but with time as the designs changed so did the meaning and the tradition.  Rakshabandhan brings the sister under the protection of her brother and this thread reminded the brother of his eminent responsibility of being there for the sister if god forbids she falls in any trouble and needs help. In ancient time Rakhi meant the security of women if she becomes widow or in some cases left by her husband, could always turn back to her brother to whom she ardently sent rakhi every year and reminded  him of his duties. Now women are more self-reliant and still send rakhis to celebrate the unique relationship with their brothers. With change of thought process there has been a change in its celebration too.

Remember the hand made rakhis and hand written letters, with ONLY RAKHI boldly mentioned on the GPO envelop? The long travels to reach each other and tie that rakhi with tikka and Laddooos! Well, with time the distance is no longer a constraint. Who would have thought Face time rakhi celebration would be a thing and hand made rakhis or rakhi walas will be old school and online rakhi sellers who can send that rakhi with choicest treats and local delicacies world wide would be in in business of preparation and delivery all the year round? is one of these websites.

The traditional mauli rakhis have been replaced with designer rakhis in a wide range of spectrums from colors, designs, genre and regions.  A rakhi buyer holds a choice of thousand pieces of rakhis from all over india just a click away truly makes the millennial buying market of rakhis a very happening event. Rakhis with intricate designs like Pure Kundan and meena or precious and semi precious stones rakhis with highest quality of Resham threads and organic non-transferable colors are a true hit. The zari rakhis, colorful beaded rakhi  or rudraksh- OM rakhis are just a few mentionable entries. The Ganesha idol Rakhis or kids character rakhis have also been in the market since long. The range varies and caters to the wide taste of  every individual. 

These are sent with beautifully packed Roli chawal and delicacies of choice out of which moti choor laddoos, Kaju katli and high-end chocolates are a few important mentions.

Millennial rakhi is not complete without mentioning the receiving bit too.  The return gifts of brothers complete this festival just to be repeated all over again- every year on the full moon of shravan maas.

In all the gesture of ages old tradition of rakshabandhan undoubtedly has taken a new form but the emotion and essence of culture is still intact and is here to stay. For every sister in search of that perfect rakhi for her precious brother, there is a rakhi made and is just a click away.

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